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1st April, 2011

Overseas Students & Crisis Management
Legal background of crisis management
The Council is primarily concerned with various aspects of student safety at overseas schools and the protection of member institutions.  The Council is familiar with overseas schools, and with schools in Japan which have been required to take appropriate action in an emergency. In Japan, unlike in other countries, the school which is sending students abroad is obliged to take appropriate action in an emergency and, according to Japanese civil law, must take primary responsibility. Parents will take legal action if proper rescue and support measures are not in place. The law also requires a safety measure orientation programme before sending students abroad. The courts will order heavy compensation costs if measures taken prior to, and following an emergency, are not considered appropriate. (Supreme Court precedent of 25 February,1975, record of 29-2-143) This poses serious problems for schools. We have studied these problems and have tried to resolve them with a policy and strategy which would greatly reduce the risk for Japanese schools organising study abroad programmes. JCSOS is a non-profit organisation registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
What JCSOS does?
The Council has examined various accidents and court cases which have occurred in the past and has introduces a safety and risk management system for member schools. The scheme is a combination of educational information, investigation, insurance planning and risk consultancy for schools. Overseas educational institutions will feel re-assured when accepting Japanese students from those organizations registered as member of JCSOS, as they are promised carefully planned support in case of an emergency.
We circulate to members by e-mail various overseas news items on safety and educational issues. We often visit member schools and answer their questions. We organise risk management and international educational seminars, frequently using the facilities of member universities. We offer detailed information and advice to member schools on issues such as how to develop international educational programmes and establish university (school) links with overseas partners, from the contract to the full operation of study abroad programmes.
Why schools, by law, must use a travel agency in Japan.
 The other legal issue is the use of a travel agency. Sometimes overseas schools think that using a travel agency in Japan is unimportant. However only a licensed travel agency (1st category) is allowed to organise study tours and educational travel. This is the so-called agent – organised tour, which comprises the educational programme, accommodation and flight tickets. All schools that would like to organise educational tours abroad must use these travel agencies or possess an agency licence themselves. The 1st category travel agencies in Japan are required to take protective measures for their clients who experience a crisis abroad. All clients travelling abroad must be insured by travel agencies which are able to provide 25 million yen in case of accidental death. The 1st category travel agency must also provide a bond of at least 70 million yen. 
 This scheme does not apply to cases of sickness or of mental disorder. The council offers an insurance cover scheme for member schools in collaboration with a risk consultancy and insurance company called J-TAS.
The collaboration with UTS
JCSOS offers a consultancy service to members on how to make international educational programmes with overseas universities (schools) with the support of our associate member, UTS. UTS has many functions for members of JCSOS. It is an educational agency, a 1st category travel agency and an insurance agency. It has been organising various study abroad programmes for schools for over 40 years.
JCSOS and consulting services
In the last few years JCSOS has seen the importance of providing a consultation service for school management to enable schools to carry out proper risk assessments. The present chairman, Mr. Kenichi Ikeno has been the director general of the Anglo-Japanese University Exchange Committee since 1977. He has been involved in negotiations with the Ministry of Education and Science in the UK and in Japan, the British Council and universities in the UK and in Japan.
New Step, J-TAS
In January 2007 JCSOS organised a world university ranking seminar in collaboration with QS.  JCSOS then organised WUR seminars inviting senior faculty members from Tokyo University and Kyoto University. JCSOS recognises the importance of exchanging ideas between universities throughout the world.
Mr. Kenichi Ikeno/ chair President of UTS/ CIE-Oxford
In December 2008 a new emergency service named J-TAS (JCSOS Total Assistance Service) was introduced to JCSOS members. J-TAS was intended to provide further support to members. Support in the past has been provided for institutions rather than for individuals. J-TAS now supports individuals who encounter accident or sickness, including mental problems, and who are in need of help in foreign countries. If they are covered by proper insurance (Tokyo Marine) the assistance centre will take immediate and appropriate action. This is particularly important because traditionally, sickness or mental disorders of students abroad have not been the travel agency’s responsibility but rather that of the school.
JCSOS Seminar for University people
J-TAS has solved most of the problems encountered by students abroad. It has become a strong tool to strengthen study abroad programmes of Japanese schools.

The Board of Trustees
(as of April 2011)
Mr.Makoto Hattori Director of International Office of Hitotsubashi University
Mr.Mitumasa Sakurai Professor of the Law School of Omiya Law College Attorney at law (director of Sakuragaoka law firm)
Mr. Sachio Ono Board member of Overseas Tour Operator Association
Mr. Miaki Nose Former vice chair of International Tourism Society
The Advisory Board
(as of November 2010)
Ms. Ai Ishida Attorney at law(Sakuragaoka law firm)
Ms. Mami Kato Attorney at law(Sakuragaoka law firm)
Mr. Yoichi Kondo Professor of Ritumeikan Asia Pacific University
Mr. Etsuji Sakai President of Japan Risk Management Inc

Associate Members:
AIU Insurance Company
Tokyo Marine and Nichido fire Insurance Co.,Ltd.
UTS Centre for International Education( UTS Ltd. )
The secretariat of JCSOS is run by :
CIE-Consultants Ltd.
Japan-Risk Management Ltd.